Israel, a long standing ally of the United States of America, developed one of the most effective and sophisticated missile defense systems with funding from the United States. The idea for the iron dome was originally conceived in 2007, when the Israel Defense Ministry decided to develop an air defense system due to the increasing number of missiles being launched into Israel. The main purpose of the iron dome is to defend Israel from the short range missiles that are currently being fired from Gaza and other areas. Rafael, an Israeli defense contractor and weapons development company, was the developer of the system.

Israel is a country surrounded by hostile nations that aim for its destruction. Therefore, it is imperative that Israel maintain the most sophisticated and advanced weapons technology in order to survive on a daily basis. The iron dome is just one of many proposed missile defense systems that Israel plans on utilizing. The additional systems are: The Arrow missile defense systems, and David’s Sling. David’s Sling will be able to intercept faster-moving missiles than the iron dome. Additionally, it will be able to take out medium range missiles. The current Patriot system’s proposed successor is the Arrow system, which is designed for long range missile defense. These systems are becoming even more crucial to Israel’s defense strategy, as the surrounding countries are quickly advancing in the field of weapon development.

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