UNITED NATIONS (TRNS) — While many nations in the western world have denounced the Ugandan anti-gay bill signed into law last week, the Israeli government has been among the few to remain silent. This is not the first time Israel has looked past atrocities in the name of foreign relations. In the past it was one of the last countries to join the world against the South African apartheid in favor of maintaining a strategic ally. Israel continues to have arm deals with the Ugandan government, and maintains strong military ties, due to the location of the two countries.

Barak Ravid a reporter for the Israeli paper Haaretz have hounded the Israeli government for some sort of condemnation of the the bill. In an article published the following day by Haaretz, Ravid writes how Israel will stand its ground unless it’s interests are threatened, as Israel considers itself as a haven for the well treatment of homosexuals.

While taking this into consideration, there have been a number of countries, particularly in Europe that have also refrained from condemning the bill. The silence of other countries haven’t prevented many other countries, such as Denmark, the US, The UK and Norway from condemning Uganda and either threatening to or already pulling aid money for the nation. In response to these countries condemning and threatening to pull aid, the World Bank have pulled a $90 million deal, which was supposed to be going to help the nations health care.

“We have postponed the project for further review to ensure that the development objectives would not be adversely affected by the enactment of this new law,” a World Bank spokesperson said. And while the Ugandan government have said that they will get by without aid, the nation have a per capita income of only $506 and experts have said pulling the aid will cause the country to get rid of many programs and institute major cutbacks.

While the homosexual community have gone into hiding, many have blamed the passing of this bill on American Evangelicals. Who, according to homosexual Ugandans, have influenced the Ugandan government to pass this bill and have passed on their beliefs to the Ugandan leaders and people. In reaction to this influencing in 2012, Ugandan homosexual activists sued American Scott Lively in the US. Scott Lively have been known to lobby the Ugandan government, and most prominently the author of this bill.

Activists against the bill are doing the best they can, as this bill have caused major pro gay organizations to be shut down. This have taken away help from those who most need it in regards to HIV and AIDS. The leaders of the organizations are seeking ways to relocate the homosexual community to areas in Uganda where they will not be known, or if that is not possible, to have them relocated to foreign countries.

Additionally, gay rights activists have vowed to go against this legislation but the window for that to happen is becoming smaller as the bill is already being enforced. These activists are now relying immensely on the opposition of this bill from world leaders. Until anything is done to help these activists and homosexuals from abuse or prosecution, a majority of publicly active homosexuals have gone underground, fearing that any posts and online activity will lead to their demise.


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