On November 27, 2013 the United Nations held a conference regarding sustainable energy. The United Nations and the World Bank pledged through the assistance of governments, international agencies, civil society, and the private sector there would be a massive new investment promoting the recently started initiative of “sustainable energy for all.” These initiative’s plans involve providing every-day electricity to people who are not privileged enough to receive it, doubling the efficiency in which energy is being used, and doubling the amount of renewable energy.

People, who are lucky enough to live in a prosperous country such as the United States, often believe that their standard of living should serve as a model; however, what they don’t realize is that one in every five people worldwide does not have electricity. In some countries only one in every 10 people has access to electricity. The global thermostat is rising, negatively affecting different economies worldwide and the best way to solve this problem is through sustainable energy systems.

To reach these goals set up by the initiative an investment of 600 to 800 billion dollars per year is necessary until the year 2030 to make this a reality. Without sustainable energy it would be impossible to have sustainable development that would allow economies, both large and small, to thrive. Sustainable energy for all initiatives often is referred to as trivial; however, sustainable energy does not only have long-term effect on the economy, it would also be beneficial to the environment. When natural gas, which can potentially be used as energy, is not efficiently used the gases that are leftover get emitted into the atmosphere that ultimately causes harm to the environment.


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