(UNITED NATIONS- TRNS) As protest leaders begin to be arrested, the UN division in Thailand decided to post an “educational” video on YouTube. This video depicts a child anticipating a cake, and as it makes its way toward him pieces are being taken from it until there is nothing left. A voiceover warns “Corruption, eats away at your future one piece at a time”

While many have cautioned the UN from taking sides in this conflict, it seems as though the Thai feels it important to stand against the corrupt government. Being that the video supposedly comes out against the corruption by the government that has been revealed, mainly the Prime Minister’s rice plan which has caused additional problems.

The rice program which was one of the original causes for the protests, has caused even the farmers themselves to join in on the conflict. This is all due to the fact that while the framers were meant to be subsidized for their rice, their rice was taken from them and many have yet to receive their payments. As a result, hundreds of the rice farmers have protested in the nation’s capital of Bangkok outside their Justice Ministr and they are planning to protest outside Prime Minister Yingluck’s office, to prompt the government to step into this economic crisis.

The rice farmers began protesting at the perfect time as the original protesters could use all the help they can get, due to decreasing turnouts at their rallies. But the leader of the rice farmers that how his constituents will not be joining the protesters intent on collapsing the government because as he put it “This is a farmer’s problem” and their problem isn’t with the other misdoings by the government.

While the protesters do seem to be receiving a little help from the rice farmers, their situation has gone from bad to worse as police have arrested one of the leaders of the anti-government protesters. The leader that was arrested is said to be the second in command to the leader Suthep Thaugsuban. He was arrested for violating the nation’s state of emergency laws set into effect after the election, and the police were able to arrest him under one of the many warrants issued for the leaders of the protests for the same crimes.

This state of emergency the Prime Minister put the country in, will be in effect for 60 days and will expand the powers of the police as well as limit free speech. Additionally, the state of emergency allows for suspects to be held for 30 days without even being charged and allows the police to search for or seize suspicious materials, making Thailand more like a police state at the moment.

Former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has been expressing his concerns over the state of his sisters nation. His legal advisor said that he is also concerned about the economic and tourism aspect of the country which have been badly hurt as a result of the conflict, and he is also concerned the country will hit a recession as a result. He did however stand by his sister in regards to the election, saying that the only way to move forward is to allow the election to continue.

Even with all this unrest, the chances of a coup are still low. Though, the US did support the previous coup for tactical reasons, the current head of army has ruled one out at the moment. This uprising against the government has ballooned from protests against corruption, all the way violence leading to arrests and a national state of emergency. So while an actual coup may not be likely, the whole violent situation seems unlikely to be able to end soon without serious intervention.


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